6 Reasons to Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga For Your Wedding

Consider me biased if you wish, but the fact of the matter remains that a saree is any day a better option than a lehenga for your wedding day.

Yes I have reasons that might convince you too. And I shall waste no more time of yours and begin enlisting the reasons why a traditional saree handwoven with love by an Indian artisan is the best wear for your special day.

6 Reasons To Choose a Saree Over a Lehenga For Your Wedding

1. A Saree Always Remains in Fashion


No one can argue on this one. Fashions come and go. Ghararas give way to shararas and lehengas give way to heavy salwar-kameez but a saree never loses its charm. It simply defies all fashion trends.

You know of friends, family and acquaintances, who spent a bomb on those sparkling and queen-like lehengas. And then the cut went out of style in 2 years, and the friend out of shape! Not only did she struggle with the choli but also with the waist which refused to accommodate the heavy lehenga.

Handloom Zari Saree by Indian ArtizansHandwoven Thread Work Kanjeevaram- A Timeless Beauty

Look at the saree conversely. Months, years and decades might go by, yet you could take out that enchanting Banarasi handwoven by a weaver from the by-lanes of Banaras, air it, give it a spa at the dry-cleaners and get a brand new blouse stitched as per the present fashion trends and be the show stopper.

 2. The Saree Choice is Limitless

As I said, I may be biased. Frankly, after a while I feel all lehenga-cholis look the same. You cannot really differentiate one from the other. The only difference might be that of the amount of bling. Some might have more and others a little less.

Pure Banarasi Handloom Saree From Indian Artizans

Banarasi-The Ethereal Beauty

And look at the sarees! Each state of India, weaves the best of handloom sarees. One better than the other. Choose from a pure handwoven Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Muga Silk, Paithini, Patola, Chanderi, the list goes on.

 3. Traditional Jewellery Looks Best With a Saree

     Tell me if I am wrong, a lehenga-choli with jadau stones, bling or sheer shimmer, takes so much of our attention that the Jewellery hardly ever gets noticed. For that matter, you need to wear a pair of shades to see the brides face! Of course, I am known for my exaggeration and sarcastic comments. Pardon me.

     Handloom Sarees from Indian Artizans

    Jewellery That Enhances the Saree Bridal Look

    In contrast, a classy, graceful, heirloom worthy saree teamed with your mother and grandmothers real jewels, adds that calming, alluring and an unmistakable sensuous aura around the bride.

     4. You Can Wear Your Wedding Saree More Than Once

      They bought it with painstaking R&D, and love, the most expensive lehenga from the gallis of Chandini Chowk. However, ask that aunt or cousin of yours, as to how many times after the wedding day did they wear it again?

      We both know the answer. Never. In fact, I did a quick dip stick survey amongst my WhatsApp group friends asking them the same question. 95% said, they never wore their wedding suit or lehenga ever. There are three reasons for this mainly.

      •  The queasy feeling that everybody would jump to comment on that huge, glittery, stone studded lehenga-choli as your wedding dress. That is a reason good enough not to be seen in the ‘same’ dress again.
      • Though you swore at the time of buying that heavy duty lehenga that you would wear if for your younger sister or your brother’s wedding, naah…you would not be able to because, those huge real or make belief Swarovski crystals by then would be passé.
      • When the entire ‘kutumbh’ is buying new clothes and sarees you would not like to wear that 15 year old, 16 kgs lehenga with an added 60 kgs of yourself to manage!

         Pure Handloom Kanjeevaram Saree from Indian Artizans

        Repeat Your Handwoven Kanjeevaram Over Years

        In contrast, let’s say you wore on your wedding a Kanjeevaram. Take the same saree out after 6 or 16 years- wear it with elegance and a different and slightly lighter set of jewellery to match it and you know you would look different, lighter and better than the rest.

        Kanika Sood, Group Manager, Radio Mirchi, laments how she spent more than Rs. 60,000 of her hard earned money on a beautiful lehenga. Versus a lavish Rs.40,000 Kanjeevaram that her mother bought for herself for the same day. Kanika says, “ Between my mother and I, we have worn the saree 4 times in 5 years but I haven’t seen my lehenga even once!’

         6 Reasons why you should choose a Saree over a Lehenga for your Wedding6 Reasons why you should choose a Saree over a Lehenga for your Wedding

            5. You Could Curate Your Saree Look

              And why not! Drape your saree in the most innovative ways. Check out Pinterest and Instagram for ways to wear a saree. Be bold.

              Deepika Padukone  WeddingPC @Instagtram

              For that matter, to the saree ensemble add a dupatta the way Deepika Padukone did and there you are sorted. More than sorted. The jewellery does its magic. The sheer dupatta brings in the mesmerizing effect. The gajra enhances the bridal look. And the saree remains intact.

               6. You Only Need a Small Shelf for the Saree

                Now wouldn’t you agree on that? Fold the handloom heirloom saree piece, neatly slide it into a customized mulmul saree bag and be rest assured it is going to look after itself for years without losing its glow and luster. Of course you would have to air it periodically and change the folds. In fact, you could read here in detail how to look after your precious handloom sarees.

                 Pure Handloom Sarees from Indian Artizans

                A Saree Occupies the Least Space in the Cupboard

                While the lehenga and the dupatta takes half the almirah space!

                I know most soon-to-be brides find themselves in a dilemma of picking between a lehenga and a saree for their special occasion. Lehengas always have a shelf life. Designs and designers too have one. However, the versatile handwoven Indian Saree remains unique, versatile, trendy and most important reusable.

                Think twice before taking the final decision. Maybe the post on how to choose a Banarasi Saree for your wedding might help you further. After all, it is your most important day.

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