Know Your Weaver - Anjana Devi, Manjusha Artist


Bhagalpur, Bihar 

Anjana Devi, is an enterprising young Manjusha painter from Bhagalpur, Bihar. She is as exuberant as ever, each time we meet her.

This simpleton is a passionate artist at heart and a superior story teller. Stories that she brings life to through her hand painted sarees, dupattas and stoles. To support this lesser known but enthralling colourful art and Anjana Devi, pre-order here.

Manjusha, meaning a ‘boat’  is a lesser known but a beautiful folk art of Ang Region of Bhagalpur, Bihar. It is practiced predominantly by the Malakar & Kumbhkar Castes.  What makes it stand apart from other art forms of the region is that it uses only three colours-Pink, Yellow, and Green. The paintings are also called Angika Painting, Snake Painting & Manjusha Kala.

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