Know Your Weaver - Bharat Jain, Traditional Weaver


Ajmer, Rajasthan

An engineer by profession, this youngster became a missionary 5 years ago. “When I saw fabric being made on a Handloom, the sound of peddles sunk very deep inside. The difference between power and hand woven fabric made me believe that the time of Handloom is coming soon, again.”

Bharat is from Ajmer. He received his training in this craft, from the interiors of Madhya Pradesh. “Today I own a small workshop where 9 looms operate.” He himself provides training to his now expanding team.

He also designs his fabric. He loves working on print jobs with traditional hand blocks. His expertise lies in Ajrakh, Indigo, Sanganeri prints, quilts, and various types of weaves as well.

“My dream is to make handwoven apparels a fashion mark, where people flaunt, when they wear Handloom!”, says Bharat Jain. And we at Indian Artizans say Amen to that!

Buy products from us so that Bharat goes from 9 looms to 90, very soon.


  • Litty Philip

    Way to go friend!!
    This is just the beginning of the amazing work you have been doing. Many more achievements to come. Proud of you 🙂

  • Tony Jain Ajmer

    Nice work…..

  • Shruti Mahanot

    ‘Wonderful’ Is the word for the jacket you sent me.!! Kudos to your hardwork and Wish u success in all your future endeavours!! 👍🏻

  • Avinash Jain

    Great job.. keeping the Indian traditions alive and promoting eco friendly clothing..keep the good work up sir..

  • Prassan Jain

    This is great. I would love to visit his workshop.

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