Bollywood Actress Who Love to Wear Sarees

The versatility and popularity of the Indian saree is evident from the Bollywood celebrities who wear it on a more or less regular basis for events, festivals, and weddings. Film personalities showcasing the best of drapes! Here is a look at some of the celebrities we love to see in a saree.

 Deepika Padukone

The saree diva. One doesn’t need words to explain why she is the favourite of all. Elegance, élan, and that sensuous look all rolled in one. Forget the menfolk, we women cannot take our eyes off her.


 Jhanvi Kapoor

Who says the millennials are not ‘into’ sarees? Look at Jhanvi Kapoor. She is young. And she loves sarees. Draped in a bright red saree, she stole the show at the Dadasahab Phalke Awards this year.


 Kangana Ranaut

A lady forever in the news nowadays, Kangana Ranaut can actually be a saree ambassador of India. We still remember a ravishing Kangana in a dainty flowery peach saree with those huge pearls around her neck as she sat to interview Sadhguru In Conversation with the Mystic @Mumbai 2018 or when she Instagram-ed her peach organic cotton saree which she picked from Kolkata just for Rs. 600. She even urged her fans to start buying from desi handlooms to help promote the Indian Artizans as they are poorly paid.


 Anushka Sharma

Here is one actress who seems to be everyone’s darling especially post her marriage with Virat Kohli. The wedding photographs that took the country by storm, this tall lady brings so much class to the Indian saree that one has the urge to pick out your own!

Sonam Kapoor

If there is anyone who redefined the drape by simply wearing it in the most innovative styles, it is the one and only Sonam Kapoor. Doubt how many of us can actually dare replicate and wear the saree the way she does, but it sure is a good picture to look and appreciate!

 Vidya Balan

The classic beauty, Vidya Balan who has literally epitomized the Indian saree. You can mostly see her in the traditional handloom Kanjeevarams that she does complete justice to.


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Sara Ali Khan

It is indeed heartening to see the younger lot wearing a saree with such effortless ease and grace. Sara Ali Khan, with the genes of the refined and sophisticated actress of yesteryear Sharmila Tagore clearly is like a breath of fresh air.


 Tapsee Panu

If Tapsee wears a saree in this fashion, tell me who would not like to buy a bright blue handwoven saree, accessories it the way she has, wear that 60 watt smile and take on the world? 

 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Though apart from festivals and her own marriage you see Aishwarya Rai less in a handmade saree yet, whatever she wears, she remains a class apart. A role model for many, he saree draping is simple and seems effortless.

 Kirti Sanon

Another from the millennial brigade, Kriti Sanon is seen often in a 6 yard but with a modern twist. A modern look that looks swell, we like her confidence and style.


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All those who have tried to write off the saree as a passé garment, are disappointed time and again. The saree is one such adornment that can never go out of trend. An attire that can never go wrong and the best traditional dress that fits and looks perfect on whichever body type you are. 

Women desire and look up to the film celebrities for the latest in fashion and trends. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, we have options galore. As long as the 6 yard drape continues to mesmerize each generation, indirectly helping and supporting the Indian weaver, we are happy and satisfied.


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