Handmade Jewellery to go with all Occassions

I have always been fascinated with jewellery in general and handmade jewellery made from fabric and recycled paper in particular. With a reasonably good collection of both, these pieces have been great conversation starters in mundane get-together.

When I decided to begin my own initiative of working closely with artisans in the handloom space, nothing could stop me from also housing some not so common handcrafted jewellery.


Handmade Jewellery

The scope of converting, recycling and up cycling old or leftover fabric from blouse pieces, suit material, bed covers, pillow covers, worn out dupattas and sarees, is mind boggling to say the least.

Of course, you need to have both the eye and the expertise to visualize interesting, quirky or traditional designs, get the raw material in place and eventually sit to string them together.

Many weekends and holidays have passed just thinking of making my own jewellery only to realize that so many of our traditional artists have been doing the same for years. Far far away in a vibrant village in Gujarat with Kutchi and mirror work or from down south the Kalamkari fabric jewellery, the work and patterns are endless.

Sharing some interesting ideas and designs of sustainable jewellery with you for a general happy feeling as also a video towards the end of this post on how a simple handmade jewellery is made and why the price points are sometime high. 

Fabric Jewellery

Katran Jewellery Made from Leftover Fabric


A Leftover Fabric Interestingly Used With Buttons And a Pendant


Kutchi Fabric Jewellery


Paper Jewellery

Shop for Handmade Jewellery made from Recycled Paper at www.indianartizans.com

Gold Meenakari Handmade Paper Jewellery




Crochet Jewellery

Handmade Crochet Jhumkas


Jute Jewellery

Tea Coaster Converted into a Neck-piece


Sea Shells Jewellery

Pendants Made From Sea Shells of Andamans


Jewellery Made from Beads

Tribal Inspired Naga Beads


                             Handcrafted Bead Jewellery from Manipur 

Yes, I too surf the net through the night looking at pretty stuff on Pinterest and elsewhere and found this very desi video of a how to make simple fabric jewellery. Chose this since it seems the closest to one of the fabric jewellery pieces I have shared in this post.

Hope you find it interesting too. It is only when we see how a seemingly simple neckpiece and earrings are handcrafted by the artist, one realizes how much time, effort, minute work and love goes into it. And thus the pricing. Yet, we haggle! Haa...


Till the next post...

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