Know Your Weaver - Babu Bhai, Tangaliya Weaver


Surendranagar, Ahemedabad


Babu Bhai Mulji Bhai Rathod, to the world, but Babu Bhai to us. We are grateful that in our journey of discovering hidden, long forgotten, near extinct weaves and embroideries, we found Tangaliya and Babu Bhai both!

 If this fading handloom art form, is still around, it is because of the ever smiling and forthcoming Babu Bhai. Till around 2008, this weave had almost been given up by the artisans of the Dangasia community of Surendranagar district.

This master weaver of bead embroidery of ‘Dana’ might jocularly complain of pain in his fingers from working non-stop at the loom. However, when we say, ‘Babu Bhai, it is ok, relax, take your time to finish that saree, ” , retorts, “Nahi, kaam to karna hai!”

Such is his passion for the art. No, you cannot buy a Tangaliya off the shelf or online always, You need to pre-order and wait patiently, as Babu Bhai’s deft fingers work on the loom incessantly to bring to you the most exquisite saree, stole or dupatta. 

Understanding the Magical Weave of Tangaliya - Preeti Nagarajan with Master Weaver Babu Bhai

A Tangaliya is a must have in you the handloom connoisseurs wardrobe for reasons more than one.

Indian Artizans supports the micro-entrepreneur Babu Bhai. You could pre-order your Tangaliya here, so that this art form only thrives in the years to come.


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