Top Ten Saree Bloggers Sure to Get You Draping

Do you love the idea of wearing a saree but can’t seem to get around to draping one? To put an end to your woes, here is a list of ten bloggers who make this timeless garment their own! Classic drapes, contemporary drapes, styles for the brave-hearted, styles to take an average day from passe to ooh-la-la - these bloggers will make sure that you find the perfect saree and drape it too!

  1. Sumitra Selvaraj - Sarees and Stories



Sumitra Selvaraj is the force behind Sarees and Stories, a popular blog where she chronicles her everlasting love for Sarees. Sumitra is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and has worn a saree to work every day for over 15 years.

Her posts pay tribute to a rich heritage of handloom sarees - reflecting a personal style that is effortlessly elegant. Whether she’s producing a story on-air or getting ready for an afternoon out, there is always room for timeless drapes in her life. Her blog features vintage sarees paired with gorgeous patterned blouses, Mangalgiri cotton silk sarees, Banarasi sarees, and the much sought-after Kanjeevaram sarees. We love how she keeps her accessories minimal, ensuring the saree is always the star of her ensemble.

Not only does she mix and match prints like a magician, her pictures are interwoven with compelling personal narratives. This ‘wearer of sarees and weaver of stories’ does both with much aplomb. Add a good dash of powerful woman-speak in her posts, and you have got a blog that keeps on giving! Sarees and Stories is a kaleidoscope of handwoven sarees and witty words of wisdom. 

  1. Mamta Das – The Boho Balika



Mamta Das is a creative stylist who's a believer in the magic of bright colors and color blocking! Mamta describes herself as a design, textile, and handloom saree junkie. She runs a hugely popular blog on Instagram called ‘The Boho Balika’ - her feed is a beautiful riot of colors showcasing handwoven sarees and how to wear them with eye-catching twists!

The Boho Balika is a vibrant documentation of some of Mamta’s favorite things – thought-provoking poetry, good cinema, the magic of festivals, and really, life itself! It is a spirited celebration of the universe tied together with the most exquisite handloom sarees and weaves. Featuring stunning Parsi Garas for an afternoon out, festive Banarasi sarees capable of awakening the goddess in you, eye-catching Jamdani sarees, classic Chanderi sarees paired with delightfully quirky jewelry, and gorgeous block print Ajrakh Sarees - she is exactly what you need for some saree inspiration!

Mamta’s style philosophy is rooted in firm ideals of slow and sustainable fashion - upcycling and experimentation are her constant style mantras! The Boho Balika urges everyone to rummage for treasures in your grandmother’s wardrobes. Create a style that is uniquely you by pairing traditional sarees with creative drapes, statement belts, or change up your look altogether by wearing it as a lehenga instead!

  1. Prerna Chhabra



Prerna Chhabra is a famous fashion stylist and veritable YouTube phenomenon! We know so many people (ourselves included) who swear by her excellent video tutorials on draping sarees! From anxiety-ridden riddles such as ‘how to drape a saree’ to slightly more advanced guides on recreating celebrity saree looks - Prerna seems to anticipate and answer all our saree questions.

Prerna’s creative spins on classic sarees by pairing them with corsets, bodysuits, and halter necks are immensely popular. You can also find fashionable guides on draping sarees to work. We love her guides on how to style sarees on a budget with fabulous finds from Sarojini Nagar and Chandni Chowk. We especially like how Prerna talks you through her own trials and errors, showing you quick fixes to achieve the perfect look for any occasion.

  1. 4. Vini Tandon - Saree Speak



Vini Tandon lives in Goa and is the founder of Saree Speak - a community of Saree aficionados that hopes to empower women through wearing the beautiful attire! The movement that first began in 2016 in Goa has grown into a global phenomenon with members from across India, South-East Asia, the UAE, and the United States.

Saree Speak encourages women to post pictures of themselves in a saree, with short captions on the story behind it. It is not just the sarees that are works of art as the posts themselves become artistic creations by giving women a platform to pen down beautiful poetry or dance in their sarees.

Vini Tandon’s beautiful handwoven sarees are natural extensions of the surreal Goan landscape. She can be seen looking like a dream in a pastel banana fiber saree – an organic weave that perfectly complements the blue-green colors of the monsoons in Goa or a light weave with delicate floral motifs. From Sungudi sarees accessorized with minimal jewelry or beautiful classic textures paired with quirky blouses, Vini Tandon effortlessly turns any saree into a natural fit for her life in Goa.


  1. Chinna Dua



Dr. Padmavati Dua’s love and passion for sarees is well-known! Popularly known as Chinna Dua, she is a radiologist by profession, but the saree has always had her heart. Her social media platforms and ‘outfits of the day’ are vibrant love letters to the classic handwoven saree.

Chinna Dua is known to have a collection of over 400 handloom sarees, carefully curated from across the country! She chooses to accessorize these ethereal weaves made by Indian artisans with customized clutches, hand-painted bindis, and statement necklaces. Her posts include lovely descriptions of the saree and its sentimental value.

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Chinna’s blog takes us through a dizzyingly beautiful array of sarees - Phulkari from Punjab, Dhakai from Bengal, Bhagal Puri saree from Bihar, Madhubani sarees and Kanjeevaram sarees to name a few. Her handcrafted bindis are delicately created to complement the design elements and motifs of each saree.

  1. Isha Priya Singh - Desi Drapes



Isha Priya Singh of Desi Drapes is a Lucknowi based in Dubai. She finds beauty in all things Indian, and sarees have been her everlasting muse! Desi Drapes is a testament to how she has kept her love for sarees alive and burning even after having relocated to Dubai. Handloom sarees are her stylish and ethical garment of choice - Ikat blouses beautifully matched with floral sarees, Kalamkari in natural hues for a metro ride in the Dubai heat, bohemian jholas and colorful bindis with a block printed Indigo saree- these are only some of our favorite style elements in Isha’s blog! She also has a penchant for dressing harmoniously with changing seasons – floral sarees in the spring or sarees with beautiful pops of green in the monsoons.

  1. Laila Tyabji



Laila Tyabji is the Chairperson and Founder Member of Dastkar – a society for Crafts and Craftspeople. She is famous for her beautiful Saree Diary posts on social media from 2016 to 2017.

Laila likes to showcase the beauty of handloom sarees while keeping blouses, accessories, and make-up minimal. Her blouses are almost always the same cut and shape. She carries cloth bags that she makes and embroiders herself. A small Batwa made by local artisans is the only transitional piece she needs to step from the work day to an evening of events.

  1. Travelista in Saree



She’s a lawyer and travel enthusiast who takes in the sights dressed in a Saree! What’s not to love?! This travelista can be found posing against the backdrop of an ancient monument while donned a unique Gharchola saree gifted by her mother. Some posts have her in a Leheriya saree from Jodhpur and some in a handloom blue Shibori framed against the stunning blue seas of Italy - absolutely gorgeous, if you ask us!

  1. Life in a Saree



Life in a Saree chronicles the world of a ‘handloom geek’ who wears handloom sarees every day! This delightful blog features beauties such as stunning Odisha cotton sarees, vintage Ikat cotton, vibrant Taant with floral motifs, and Indigo sarees with crop tops. What a delight she must be for people who get to meet this blogger every day!

  1. Bit_desiriented



Sonya Madeira of Bit_desiriented is well-known for her stunning collection of handloom sarees. She can take a saree from classic and elegant to modern chic within the blink of an eye! Checked blouses with Kanjeevaram silk, delicate Chikankari gracing the streets of London, festive Banarasi Silk sarees, silk Ikat saree with a t-shirt at an Ariana Grande concert - Sonya has taken the handloom saree to places where no woman usually dares to go draped!

Whether your saree style is classic like Mumtaz or chic like Sonam, these bloggers will always have something in store for you. So, what are you waiting for, get draping! 

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