About Us - We Deliver Worldwide

Welcome to the Indian Artizans Tribe.

‘If light is in your heart, you will find your way home’. A quote by the legendary poet Rumi that sums up our story, one that was ignited by the light of a dream we shared, one that has brought us home to who we are and where we come from.

We like to call ourselves ‘craftoholics’ and are a bunch of very different people from very different backgrounds who have magically been woven together into a common thread of passion for exploring India’s arts and crafts and delivering them to a global audience. Handcrafted and unique, our curated creations tell you the story of India, stories that unfold as we travel our beautifully diverse country. Stories that help us rediscover our heritage and culture. We are always on a quest for finding fascinating, age-old and forgotten craft techniques and bring them to you straight from the hands of the artisans who have dedicated their lives to these arts.

Buying from us means that you not only get a beautiful creation that is unique and handcrafted, but you have also made a valuable contribution towards supporting an Artisan's livelihood, preserving a dying art, supporting women empowerment (many of our creations are exclusively made by women), and taken a step towards saving the craft history of India.

Our pieces are one of a kind, evergreen, classy and can be valuable additions to your family heirloom. Just like the culture of India, our range is diverse. You can pick from an ambit of handwoven, hand spun, hand block printed, hand embroidered, hand brocaded, hand tie-dye and lots of more unique hand based processes.

We hope our creations share with you a glimpse of the beauty and heritage we encounter as we make our way across India.